Giveaway: White Tulips

This January seems to be quite a busy month for me: White Tulips is the fourth pattern I have released. 

As usual, the release of the pattern is accompanied by a giveaway.

To enter the giveaway, please create an account on the website (or log in if you registered already) and answer the following question: Which yarn and colours would you knit White Tulips in? Only registered users can enter the giveaway, please write the comment after logging in.

Why do I need you to register? I'm going to add the pattern to the downloadable "Files" section of the winners' account when the giveaway is over. (When you create an account, you are asked to choose a username and enter your email address.)

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The giveaway ends on 29 January 2012. A random number generator will choose 3 winners on 30 January 2012.

white - or poppy - tulips

I think I'd try 3 colors;  main background - a medium-light heathery slate blue; tulips and design work, and contrast on borders - a poppy red, heathered if possible too, or something with a very matte velvety look; and the background of the waist panel - something like Malabrigo's lettuce color - tonal light yellow green.   I'd probably try to find the colors and textures I wanted and not worry as much about whether the yarns were actually all the same line or company.  I suspect I'd find a slate I liked among Alice Starmore's line of yarns however, but I'd probably go with the Malabrigo for the "lettuce" tonality I know I love.

Funny, but every time I see

Funny, but every time I see White Tulips on Ravelry, this project comes to mind :-) you get inspired???

I haven't seen that project

I haven't seen that project before so my answer is no :) 

White Tulips

Beautiful pattern - I'd probably do cream and blue or lt grey and blue..

Love the pattern!

I would knit White Tuplips with «Rosários 4 - Fashion» ( in 2 shades of blue: very light blue and and a shade of darker blue.It would look great! :)

Agnes,A new nice pattern!

Agnes,A new nice pattern!

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