Cabling without a cable needle

Why is cabling better without a cable needle? It's faster and also more convenient to work with two needles rather than three. I hardly ever use a cable needle anymore, unless I have to deal with a lot of stitches or with a more complicated cable.

We would like to do a 1/1 RC. With a cable needle, you would work like this: slip one stitch to cable needle and hold to back, knit 1, then knit 1 from the cable needle.

Let's see how to do this without a cable needle.

Insert the right needle into the stitches to be cabled...
... and slip them onto the right needle.

Insert the left needle into back loop of the first stitch (note: the cable needle would be in the very same place!)...

... and pull the right needle out. The first stitch stayed on the left needle, the other stitch has been dropped.

  Grab the dropped stitch with the right needle...

... and put it on the left needle. Now the stitches are in the right order, you only have to knit them...


 ... and your cable is ready.

These may seem like a lot of steps to be done for a simple cable, however, with only a little practice, you'll need half as much time for doing the cable (at most) than you would need when working with a cable needle.

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